Rod T.

I had a small order and wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of service from a machining service.  After working with, I’m not even sure how to describe how good of an experience this was for me.  To start with, I didn’t have a CAD drawing, so I sent in a line drawing and just asked if they could work with that.  A couple hours later, they called me to “go over my model.”  My model?  They had generated a CAD drawing from my drawing, then invited me via a weblink to an online meeting where I was able to actually view his computer screen and the CAD model he’d created in real time.  After we made a few changes to the piece and flipped it around to inspect various aspects, I gave my final approval, and the piece went into the production process. THREE HOURS LATER I got an email that my completed pieces had SHIPPED.  I received the pieces on time (they expedited my shipping at my request), and they look fantastic–high quality, professional work.  So from start to finish, the service, speed and quality was absolutely top notch, the pricing was superior, and I can’t imagine a reason I would ever use a different company for a CNC project.”



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