How to write an essay on popularity

How to write an essay on popularity

There are many types of popularity essays and they can be on any subject. Therefore, the most important thing about them is to understand the subject before embarking on writing them down. A popularity essay is a form of a descriptive essay and must focus on facts to clearly characterize the subject to the readers.

After intense study of the subject, note down the facts and any other important information that distinguishes the subject from other unpopular subjects. Prepare an outline in which you feature all the main points that would go into writing the rest of the essay. Include a thesis statement that clearly shows the intention and focus of your essay.

The essay should be feature a hook in the introductory paragraph that arouses interest in the reader to continue reading. Add few sentences and include your thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. Create a smooth transition to the body paragraphs. A popularity essay must clearly discuss a popular subject and thus the introduction subject should just introduce the subject and have a thesis statement. All the relevant details of the popularity subject help the reader to have some rough knowledge of the subject and therefore can understand the arguments featured below the subject.

The body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence that carries the main point. Support the lead sentence with few sentences that explicate on the main point. Include quotes and examples where necessary but make sure they build on your main point. Create a smooth transition to the next paragraph and subsequently the conclusion. Ensure each paragraph discusses a single point only to ensure coherence and flow ideas till the end.

For the conclusion, rewrite your thesis statement and summary of the main points you have discussed in the essay. Proofread your work and iron out punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Ensure each point is clear and is supported by adequate information.

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