Size Limits:


Size Limits are set only by our equipment and your imagination.

Our largest 3-axis vertical machining center capacity is currently 64.0 in x 40.0 in working envelope.


Number of Setups:


There can be unlimited number of setups on any given part.


A typical setup is defined by how many times the machine operator needs to index the part to mill a set of unique features. For example a six sided block with work on all sides is 6 setups.


The current record holder is a part with 33 unique setups.
If we are technically comfortable with cutting your parts, we will.





Our rapid turn work is mostly 6061-T6 aluminum. We stock most sizes of 6061 aluminum and can acquire odd sizes next day. We are capable of cutting a variety of materials, steel, stainless, plastic, copper, titanium, etc . . . these materials are not typically stocked and may require additional lead time.




We are a full service machine shop and then some. Our Rapid Services include 3-Axis & 5-Axis CNC milling, 3D surface machining, drilling, reaming, tapping, thread milling, helicoils, dowel pins, and even broaching.


Our shop handles quick turn service, short run, and full production orders. Lead times may vary based on desired quantity, but we are willing and able to do the work.


Thread cutting and milling:


Due to the fast pace of our work we offer general commercial tapped holes and threads. For special thread class requirements contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


We do offer ID and OD Thread milling and we will validate that the diameter and the pitch is right. We will not guarantee a Specific Thread Class.




Tight Tolerances: we are capable of holding the tight tolerances where you require them. Sometimes when a part is more complex, it can add some lead time to the order. We will still get it out in a timely fashion.
General Tolerances: as a general rule of thumb we are typically holding +/-.005 ” repeatedly on general milled features, however if the part has no specifications and no drawing associated with a given part our outgoing inspection will ship the part if it within +/- .010 ” on a unspecified milled feature.
Drilled hole tolerances: the typical drilled hole will normally be held to +/- .003 ” our outgoing inspection department will ship an unspecified drilled hole if within +/- .005 “




We offer many different options for post finishing.
Our Rapid Service is setup to offer an array of standard anodize colors (color chart) and iridites.


There are several standard finishes offered:


  • Anodize – Clear (MILL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 1 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Blue (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Gray (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Green (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Purple (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Red (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Anodize – Tan (MIL SPEC 8625 F – TYPE 2 CLASS 2)
  • Iridite – Clear (MIL DTL 5541 F – TYPE 1)
  • Iridite – Yellow (MIL DTL 5541 F – TYPE 2)


Other anodize colors are possible as well as other types of finishes like powder coating, passivation, zinc plating, black oxide, etc . These finishes may require additional lead time.