Passes ISO9001:2008 Surveillance Audit without Incident



Summary: This press release informs readers about the Rapid CNC Machining Services Division of NCAD Products, Inc.

—————————————————————-———————————————————————————————               Passes ISO9001:2008 Surveillance Audit without Incident

February 7, 2012 the Rapid CNC Machining Services Division NCAD Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently passed an ISO9001:2008 Management System Audit.  The audit performed by SRI Quality System Registrar (Pittsburgh PA).   The ISO9001:2008 Management System certificate was renewed for the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies including 3-axis and 5-axis machining, 3-axis and 5-axis routing, plastics vac-forming, sheetmetal fabrication, welding, and finish painting.

According to Neil Porter, NCAD’s President-CEO “We are pleased with our successful audit, having no surprises was exceptional.  I credit the great team within the company for keeping on top of our QMS. With our growing market in the online machining, we want to demonstrate to our potential customers a high level of quality, integrity, and confidence. “

Rapid Prototype milling (RPM) and Low volume machining (LVM) are processes of producing parts using CNC Technology.  The process utilizes CNC milling machines with cutting tools to remove material (subtractive manufacturing) to create a finished part.  At you upload a 3D model file (sldprt, x_t, iges,step) thru the online web portal to receive a quote, you approve the quote, the part is released into the Rapid Manufacturing system. Once the parts are complete they are shipped to your door. offers high quality, low volume Custom Aluminum Machining / CNC Prototyping at a competitive price without sacrificing schedule or quality.  Utilizing the companies vast experience and leveraging its superior technology and equipment for the best possible outcome for the customer.


Unlike other companies, Millitnow is a high tech production machine shop, offering a full range of services.  The shop is accustom to high tolerance 3-axis and 5-axis build to print work; ranging in size up to 64.0 x 40.0 inch. Millitnow offers Mil-Spec Anodize and Iridite coatings, drilling, tapping, reaming, thread milling, helicoils, etc . . .





Millitnow utilizes the latest technology in the field of CNC Machining to provide world-class machining services. Millitnow offers both CNC Prototypes as well as CNC Production Services.  NCAD Products, Inc has been providing quality products and services for over a decade. The company is both ISO9001:2008 Registered and ITAR Registered with the US State Department. To learn more about how simple the process is and the capabilities  of our shop, please visit

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