Here are some testimonials from our past clients.

I found the water jet finish better than I expected from past vendors.~D.M.

I like the simplicity of the quote submission system through the website. It took 2 days to quote the first job I sent, and 1 day to quote the second job I sent. I really appreciate this speed in getting me a quote. It help me keep up with my customers needs. I also appreciated the quick replies from the millitnow.com staff  on updating my job notes. Very professional service~K.F.

Nice work!    Just got the parts in. They look great ~RW

I am busy assembling a system with the parts you made.  Great job! I looked at a few other rapid shops before selecting  on Millitnow.  Millitnow won because they could fabricate all 5 parts  (one house could not put in 4 holes of a part because of capability limitations, 3 axis machines, part size, do not perform secondary machining), the cost was significantly lower, fastest  delivery time.  ~:-)

Part came back looking great and at a cost well below other quotes~G.D.

I received my set of parts  that I ordered.  I used to build all these types of parts myself but I have found your prices reasonable and your service great so I am thinking more and more these days of  having your company do all the work    ~J.M.

Great. Very Happy    ~Ralph

I just want to say  that through my experience with millitnow.com I was pleasantly surprised how quick and how well my parts were made. In addition, the website was easy to use and I was able to get a quote quickly and efficiently.   Thanks again for such a wonderful service.    ~Zamir

I just received the part ... the part is awesome.  I have dealt with a lot of machining services over the years.  The finish on this part is mirror like, very nice.  Service was quick and easy.  We will be submitting more parts to you.~Valerie V.

Quality is imperative. Even with pressure to decrease lead times and maintain competitive costs, customers demand precise conformance to every requirement. Mill-It-Now has allowed us to maintain a high level of quality while expanding capacity. The level of performance, personal service and accountability is beyond anything we have experienced with other manufacturing service providers. This is a reflection of a company that takes pride in their work. When presented with difficult customer requirements, I know I have a partner in Mill-It-Now~C.

The quick response to quote & delivery of product was extremely impressive!~Chris L.

Great service. Fast, easy to work with, excellent quality. Will use MillItNow.com again.~Steve B.

The part came back great and the price was very good.  I’m sure we’ll be sending you more parts in the future.  I felt that the quote process was simple enough on the website ... Overall the experience was good and most importantly the part came back well done at a reasonable price.   Thanks!~Brett

Loved the service. Gave our Company a reliable fast prototyping source that it competitively priced way under our local prototyping shop. Will for sure send more business~S.L.

Overall, we think you guys did very well! We would recommend you to others. Our project was unusually hectic for us, tight deadlines. And you came through. Also, we realize that we provided you a variety of revisions throughout the course of the order, which again was due to the tight time-frame, getting everything right prior to finishing our assemblies.~E.H.

I'm Very happy with the service.  I develop prototype instruments and I find your services reliable and effective.~R.H.

The folks at NCAD/Millitnow.com have been outstanding in their efforts and support of our prototyping efforts here.  Their parts are spot on accurate, have a clean finish, and are packaged well to prevent shipping damage.  In addition, their labeling system makes it easy for us inventory and sort the boxes of parts we receive from them.  The aspect that sets them apart from other “quick delivery” online rapid proto-typing machining facilities is that these guys actually have a precision machine shop backing up their quick delivery services.  So if your designs can work with their standard “quick” tolerances and materials you can expect to get good parts and quick deliveries from them.  But, if you do require tighter tolerances, precision work, or tougher materials these folks have that covered as well! Oh, did I mention they can handle finishes such as anodizing too!  It’s your smart one stop shop for all kinds of machining work. Their customer attention is  second to none and we are very pleased with our partnership with them~Cliff

The parts look great and are within spec. They came in a few days later than expected, due to the coating (hard coat Anodize). It’s difficult to get machined parts, with anodizing quickly.     Great Job !~Brian

We received the parts and will be testing them this week. I am quite impressed with the quality of the milling, absolutely superb, especially considering the price and the quick turn around~Levi

We are very happy with the quality of the parts and accuracy.  Thanks for the good work.  We are currently in the process of assembling and evaluating the prototype~Jochen

I am very happy with the part and the turnaround. Since this was a first go-round with you guys, I went ahead and CMM'd it. Everything measured in tolerance, which is all I could ask for.    ~Robert G.

With a highly trained support team, they will work with you to meet any need and provide custom manufactured parts meeting all requirements.~Dale

This place gets the job done when no one else can. When you need something fast and right this is the place to go. I would go here over anyone in Florida.~Patrick O.

I had a small order and wasn't sure what to expect in terms of service from a machining service.  After working with millitnow.com, I'm not even sure how to describe how good of an experience this was for me.  To start with, I didn't have a CAD drawing, so I sent in a line drawing and just asked if they could work with that.  A couple hours later, they called me to "go over my model."  My model?  They had generated a CAD drawing from my drawing, then invited me via a weblink to an online meeting where I was able to actually view his computer screen and the CAD model he'd created in real time.  After we made a few changes to the piece and flipped it around to inspect various aspects, I gave my final approval, and the piece went into the production process. THREE HOURS LATER I got an email that my completed pieces had SHIPPED.  I received the pieces on time (they expedited my shipping at my request), and they look fantastic--high quality, professional work.  So from start to finish, the service, speed and quality was absolutely top notch, the pricing was superior, and I can't imagine a reason I would ever use a different company for a CNC project."    ~Rod T.

Over all, it has been a pleasure working with millitnow.com;  Our project was very unusual ...   5-axis capabilities saved me from a big headache.  Lead time was a little longer, but still very quick...~James M.

I am so happy to have found Millitnow. I met them first during a trade show. We needed a quick turn around on a few prototype parts. They have a "can do" attitude, with precision, quality, fast turn around and the best quotes too. I was lucky by being local to be able to visit them while running our parts, and they showed to be the most knowledgeable and human bunch around too. I am totally impressed and have been recommending their services since.~Paulo C.